The Disney Channel And Tyra Banks Plan Life-Size 2

Back in the days when Lindsay Lohan was a cute child with red hair and Tyra Banks hadn’t quite unleashed her “fiercest” amount of crazy, the two came together to create Life-Size, an original movie about a doll coming to life to share some parenting wisdom with a motherless young girl. Now, the Disney Channel has announced it will put together a sequel to the TV movie flick, aptly titled Life-Size 2.

Tyra Banks has had a little more free time on her hands since she quit her daytime talk show a couple of years ago. Which means she totally has time in her schedule and has signed on to reprise her role as Eve. The news was confirmed to EW, which also notes the America’s Next Top Model host is set to executive produce the TV movie. A remix of the track, “Be A Star,” is also expected to appear in the flick.

Since Lindsay Lohan is no longer a young, fresh-faced girl in need of a mother (although the latter could be contested), it’s unlikely she’ll reprise her role in the series. She, like Banks, probably has some free time in her schedule, so I don’t think it’s too much to hope the actress might pop up in a cameo. Although, a low budget Disney Channel original flick might even be too grubby for a low-rated Elizabeth Taylor knock-off to even invest in. TV Blend will keep you posted as more details from Life-Size 2 emerge.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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