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A&E is a big fan of male-centric crime dramas with a lighthearted tone. Breakout Kings is full of mischievous one liners, and The Glades is lighthearted to the point of being silly. Following this trend, when A&E was debating whether to pick up Big Mike, an overweight detective comedy from Happy Madison productions or Longmire, a western based on the novels by Craig Johnson, the former seemed a shoo-in. I was wrong, though. The decision was tough, and A&E spent a long summer waffling, but eventually decided to bail on Big Mike last month.

This left space for Longmire, and A&E has decided to capitalize its interest with a series order. Deadline is reporting the program has been given a ten-episode Season 1 arc, including the pilot. Because the story is based around Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and his crime-fighting deeds, all the writers will really have to do to fit the popular network format is add a little charisma to the character if he wasn’t written that way initially. I haven’t read the Craig Johnson novels Longmire is based on, but it seems to me you can’t have a badass sheriff without a little wit for balance.

Picking up Longmire means great news for Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff, who is set to play the female lead in the series. When her role was announced back in March, it seemed a little weird she wasn't trying for a role on the Ron Moore cop pilot. It doesn’t seem so silly now the Moore pilot has been dropped and Sackhoff is set for a lead. With Lou Diamond Philips on board, the cast of Longmire looks to be extremely solid. As much as I love Melanie Lynskey’s husband Jimmi Simpson, I think I’ll try out Longmire before tuning in for Breakout Kings next season.

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