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The Duck Dynasty clan has found its way into millions of hearts, and the new season of the show will soon be headed into homes. Lionsgate Home Entertainment is putting together Blu-ray and DVD releases for Duck Dynasty: Season 4. Unfortunately, the set won’t be out in time to buy a copy for someone as a holiday gift. Duck Dynasty: Season 4 will street on January 7.


Duck Dynasty has been doing well on A&E since it first aired, but its recent seasons have simply crushed. The Season 4 premiere episode brought in a whopping 11.8 million total viewers when it hit the schedule in August. That’s up from the 9.6 million total viewers that tuned in for the Season 3 finale. Some of that ratings increase between seasons may have been due to word of mouth, but some of it may have been due to the exciting subject matter in the premiere, which followed the nuptials of Phil Robertson and Miss Kay. The couple has been together for like fifty years, and it is no shock that fans would show up in record breaking numbers to see that sweet moment play out on TV.

Not every episode in Season 4 was quite as exciting as the premiere, but we did get to spend a few moments with the family as they talked dating etiquette, house renovations, and warehouse fiascos. Additionally, the season 4 finale was a special Halloween episode complete with a haunted house. If you like Willie, Uncle Si and the rest of the gang, the latest season shouldn’t disappoint.

Honestly, if anything tells you how popular the Duck Dynasty franchise has become, it’s the fact that Season 4 is getting a Blu-ray release. Most reality programs get released on DVD only, if they are released for home entertainment, at all. According to Lionsgate, the first three seasons of Duck Dynasty have sold over 2.5 million DVDs so far. Now only is Season 4 getting a Blu-ray release, the first three seasons of the series will also be available on Blu-ray starting on January 7.

As far as bonus features for the Duck Dynasty: Season 4 set go, the only extra will be “exclusive footage not seen on TV.” I'm hoping some of that extra footage will come straight from the Season 4 opener, but without further details, it's difficult to tell. Although one bonus feature may not be too exciting, the set also won’t run expensively. The Season 4 Blu-ray has the suggested retail price of $19.99 and the DVD’s suggested price is $19.98. The Season 1 through 3 Blu-rays are similarly priced, at $19.99 a pop. You can pre-order the Duck Dynasty: Season 4 set over at Amazon.

Duck Dynasty hasn’t officially been renewed for Season 5, yet, but Jase Robertson recently hinted that the show had filmed extra episodes and should be back. We’ll keep you updated as A&E makes its decision on the new season.

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