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At this point in his career, which touches upon just about every form of media out there, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can basically do no wrong. He’s got a ton of movies on the horizon, and he’ll return to HBO next summer for Season 2 of Ballers, but Johnson will be making another pit stop on the small screen first, as he’ll be returning to his old WWE stomping grounds for WrestleMania 32. Here’s how he announced it himself.

As seen on his Instagram account, where Johnson often shares memorable photos and newsy tidbits, the announcement humorously sets up everything that the former WWE Superstar wants to do with his return to the company that turned him into a household name. He aims to set an attendance record inside of Dallas’ AT&T Stadium, which is entirely possible. The biggest WWE audience came back in 1987 for WrestleMania III in the Pontiac Silverdome, and the WrestleMania 32 venue holds 105,000 when accounting for standing room. I think it’ll happen, as will the whole electrifying Dallas thing.

But it’s his claim that he wants to make all-time WrestleMania history that has me the most intrigued. As the People’s Champion, Johnson set all kinds of records within the WWF-turned-WWE, but his career in the ring was cut short in the midst of his 2013 return. During a title defense at WrestleMania 29, Johnson lost the belt to John Cena and had to opt out of future matches due to tears in the tendons near his pelvis, which he got surgically reattached afterward. I can’t imagine he’ll actually get involved in a match for the pay-per-view event, and I’m not sure how else he could make history. But I’m down for whatever it is.

Johnson has reappeared for certain WWE events over the past couple of years. He’s popped up at the past two WrestleMania events, accompanied by Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin at one and by Ronda Rousey at the next. He also showed up at this year’s much-maligned Royal Rumble, in which he helped heel Roman Reigns win and heard his first crowd boos in years.

Johnson currently has a the upcoming comedy Central Intelligence on the way, as well as the animated Disney flick Moana, another Fast and Furious movie, a Baywatch remake, an adaptation of the video game Rampage and more. So don’t expect him to stick around the WWE for too long, but enjoy him while he’s there.

WrestleMania 32 will take place on April 3, 2016.

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