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Ed Helms And January Jones Switch Emmy Categories

As TV roles change, so too do Emmy nomination categories. Two actors featured in currently airing TV shows appear to be altering their Emmy nomination strategies this year by switching categories. And given the increased presence of one, and decreased presence of the other, both make sense, but will the adjustments hurt or improve their chances at a nomination and/or Emmy?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Office star Ed Helms is submitting himself for consideration for the Emmy for lead actor in a comedy for his role in NBC’s The Office. Previously, he’d been submitting himself for supporting actor in a comedy. His character Andy Bernard was promoted to regional manager, filling the shoes of Michael Scott, the character played by Steve Carell. I suppose it’s only fitting that Helms attempt to fill Carell’s shoes in the Emmy race too, as the former star of The Office had been nominated six times for the lead role. But will Helms be able to earn a nomination against the likes of Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K., Johnny Galecki, Matt LeBlanc, Jim Parsons, and whoever else may have trailed just behind that group last year? It’s worth a shot!

While Helms attempts to move up a category, it looks like January Jones is going to try her luck at the supporting actress in a drama category. Jones, who plays Betty in AMC’s Mad Men, was once nominated for the lead actress in a drama Emmy, but lost out to Kyra Sedgwick. She didn’t manage to secure a nomination in 2011, though her co-star Elisabeth Moss did. This year, as THR reports, Jones is submitting herself for consideration for the supporting category, which may improve her chances of receiving a nominations.

Betty Draper (err... Francis...) seems more like a supporting role now anyway. No longer married to Don Draper, the character hasn’t been around much this season. According to THR’s source, we’ll be seeing more of her later on in the season. Still, she doesn’t seem to fit the category of lead in the series this season. We’ll have to wait and see if moving to the supporting category will result in a nomination this year.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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