Episode 100 Of Bob’s Burgers Is Going To Be Disgusting

Bob’s Burgers is approaching it’s 100th episode which is always an important milestone in any show’s life. While some shows might do a retrospective or bring in loads of guest stars, Bob’s Burgers is planning something... different. Although the show is also doing the fun guest star thing.

Speaking with TV Line during San Diego Comic-Con (because so much happened we’re still talking about new stuff from Comic-Con) cast member Kristen Schaal spoiled a key plot point for episode 100:

”Someone gets stuck to a toilet.

We’re more than a little terrified to consider how that could even happen to a character. This may be a cartoon, but still. It appears that Schaal is not kidding regarding the human on toilet interaction. We’ll go ahead a start taking wagers on which character it will be. Odds are favoring Schaal’s character, Louise, since she also said she wishes she had been kidding about the toilet joke.

Before you hit Vegas to put money down on your guess, be aware that it might not be a series regular character who gets caught in the unfortunate position. Bob Burgers' 100th Episode will also be full of guest stars, including Kumail Nanjiani, Keegan- Michael Key, Kevin Kline, and Sarah Silverman. Although, what kind of guest actor wants to be stuck to a toilet? We don't really see Kevin Kline taking that job. Sarah Silverman totally would, though. You can see the full interview, which includes some additional info on the upcoming season, below.

100th Episodes used to a big deal because it was at that point that series could cash in on that sweet, sweet, syndication money. While syndication still happens these days it’s less of an issue. Older episodes of Burgers have been aired on Adult Swim for years and the entirety of the previous season is available on Hulu. These days creators don’t really need to wait to see residual income from their creations. Still, cancellation is a real threat for every show all the time, so 100 episodes is nothing to sneeze at.

Are you looking forward to the literal toilet humor coming from Bob’s Burgers marquee episode? While it may not appeal to some it should appeal to those who are already fans. Season 6 of Bob’s Burgers premieres September 27th on FOX. Episode 100 should be hitting somewhere around late November or early December depending on how the holidays impact the schedule.

Dirk Libbey
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