See Bob's Burgers' Kristen Schaal Dressed As Louise

Schaal as Louise

Among her many great credits, Kristen Schaal voices the role of the youngest member of the burger-peddling Belcher family in Fox's underrated animated comedy Bob's Burgers. Louise is known for her pink bunny ears and her tendency to instigate conflict, which often leads to interesting developments inside and outside the burger joint that sets the stage for the series.

The above photo, which was originally shared by MTV via the I Love Bob's Burgers Facebook page, gives us a look at the voice behind the character, dressed as her character Louise in a set of adorable pink bunny ears. And Schaal easily qualifies as adorable, with or without the ears. But it's funny to see her looking a bit more like her character than she might otherwise.

It's always a bit surreal to see the face of the person who voices a popular cartoon character, but a bit less so in Schaal's case, since her voice is so distinct and she has a number of notable on screen credits, most recently, that of Hazel in 30 Rock and an episode of Supernatural. For her voice work, she's been heard in Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and The Simpsons. And we'll hear her playing a voice role in the upcoming Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs sequel.

Bob's Burgers is currently close to wrapping up its third season on Fox. The series has fortunately already been renewed for a fourth season. Bob's Burgers airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

Here's a great fan-made compilation of Louise moments…

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