The Fall Season 3 Trailer Is One Giant Season 2 Spoiler

In addition to the news that Series 3 of The Fall is officially a go -- with confirmation that its stars are on board to return -- BBC Two has released an excellent little teaser trailer, which is -- no joke -- one big spoiler for the end of Season 2. So if you still haven't gotten around to watching the second season of the excellent crime drama, don't hit play. Instead, head on over to Netflix and watch it.

No premiere date mentioned for BBC Two (or Netflix, where it airs in the U.S.), but the teaser confirms that the fall "Will Return," so that's something!

If you're caught up on The Fall through the end of Series 2, you know that the BBC Two crime drama left off with the fate of Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) in limbo as he was last seen bleeding out from gunshot wounds while Stella (Gillian Anderson) cradled his body. Based on Deadline's report, it sounds Paul will survive his injuries. At the very least, Jamie Dornan is set to return for Season 3, which strongly suggests that his murderous character will be back when the show returns.

The Fall is confirmed to return for a 5-episode third season, which is about on par with its previous episode orders. Season 1 consisted of five episodes, while Season 2 consisted of six. Gillian Anderson is also confirmed to come back, which hopefully means more dark, twisted and compelling chemistry between her character Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson and the serial killing Paul Spector.

The teaser trailer above is made up of footage from the final moments of Season 2, as we're reminded that the season closed out with Paul bleeding profusely from the gunshot wounds, courtesy of Jimmy. His timing was a bit too perfect, as Stella had just found Paul's most recent victim, Rose, and had her taken away for medical attention when Jimmy showed up to unleash a bit more rage. The cliffhanger alone was enough to leave our jaws on the ground, but it was also particularly interesting to see the way Stella reacted to Paul getting shot. Barely a glance at her latest hookup, Anderson, who was also shot, she ran straight to Paul and tried to stop his bleeding.

The dark and bizarre relationship between Paul and Stella is one of the things that makes The Fall such a compelling series, and as Paul Spector pointed out in the Season 2 finale, it's just the beginning. Paul's death -- or more specifically, Jamie Dornan's exit -- would have thrown a pretty big wrench into whatever developments might have been in store for Paul and Stella in the third season. With Fifty Shades of Grey being the massive success that it is, and an eventual sequel expected to happen, we were left to wonder what that meant for The Fall and Dornan's character. As it happens, both will be back. Hopefully soon.

Kelly West
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