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Fear Factor Preview: What's Scarier, Bees Or Heights?

A week from today, NBC will bring back Fear Factor. For those of you with an interest in seeing what’s ahead for the series’ return, and the stomachs to handle some pretty icky things, we have a preview video and some clips to share with you. But be(e) warned, some of it might make your skin crawl!

What people will do for money, right? Or a chance at money, anyway. NBC’s Fear Factor is a competition series that puts people in scary or gross situations to test their resolve and endurance. The promo video below gives us a glimpse at what the contestants are up against when NBC brings the series back next Monday (December 12th). Further down are some clips which take a closer look at two of the challenges, one of which involves finding beanbags around the edge of a high building and the other has a woman being covered with bees.

I’m pretty sure my biggest fear with the bees challenge wouldn’t be getting stung, it would be that a bee would make its way up my nose or into my mouth.

Fear Factor premieres Monday, December 12th at 8/7c on NBC.?