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First Arrested Development Clip Reunites Buster And Lucille

We've finally got our first look at actual footage from the new season of Arrested Development, but it's here via a non-embeddable clip hosted by Entertainment Weekly, so you'll have to click over there to see it. Check out the brief preview below and click the image to see the whole thing:

Well… that was somehow especially disturbing on a peaceful Thursday afternoon. Creator Mitch Hurwitz and the cast have done a remarkable job of keeping the details about the new season under wraps, saying we'll catch up with what all the characters have been up to but offering nothing on where we find each of them. It makes sense, then, that the first clip should be of Buster and Lucille-- the two characters least likely to have changed whatsoever since we last saw them in 2006. Even the photo released of Buster trying to return to Army suggested he hadn't learned anything-- was he really trying to re-enlist now that he has a hook for a hand?

Then again, probably none of them will have changed all that much. Even the recent character posters quote jokes from the original series, suggesting that no matter how many jailbreaks they orchestrate and stair cars they crash, the Bluths will never learn and never change.

The new season of Arrested Development debuts on Netflix on May 26, and we'll be right there with you in marathoning as many of the 15 new episodes as possible in a single day. Have your frozen bananas and Cornballers ready.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend