Arrested Development Character Posters Promote The New Season Coming To Netflix

Arrested Development poster

Not that Arrested Development fans need any more encouragement to look forward to the series' return on Netflix, but the promotions are certainly doing a fine job of reminding us that we have about a month to wait for the series' anticipated fourth season to arrive. For those of us already excited about the show's return, a month seems like an eternity, especially when we look at the new character posters that have arrived and use the Bluths and Funkes to promote Arrested Development on Netflix.

The posters showed up on the Arrested Development Facebook page this week and find some fitting tag lines to go with the characters featured on each poster. As George Bluth Sr. puts it, "No touching. Only streaming." Which will likely be read by some as "NO TOUCHING! only streaming." A nod to George's time in prison, when he was constantly being yelled at in the visiting room for engaging in physical contact with his visitors.

Of course, Tobias' poster could be taken the wrong way, but then again, he does have a tendency to word things that way…

Tobias Arrested Development poster

Meanwhile, you can almost hear George Michael's voice quietly and politely encouraging people to check out the new season. No pressure.

George Michael Character Poster

You can check out the rest of the posters in the gallery below. And if you're looking for even more glimpses of the Bluths, EW has them on this week's cover. And there's also a new photo from the series, which shows Buster visiting Army.

Arrested Development's fourth season arrives on Netflix on May 26.

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