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Buster Visits Army In New Arrested Development Photo

Buster Arrested Development

Those who saw the new covers for this week's Entertainment Weekly may have noticed that one of the Bluths was missing from the group. Tony Hale's Buster was not present in any of the three covers, though his hook can be seen hanging from the railing in the first one. But as you can see, Buster does have his place in the series' grand return.

EW shared two photos from Arrested Development's anticipated fourth season, which arrives on Netflix in its entirely on May 26. In addition to a shot of George Michael cruising around on his uncle's Segway, we have a shot of Buster paying a visit to the Army - or just "Army" if you're Buster. He's shown looking typically uncertain while two Army guys review some files. What exactly is going on there? We'll have to wait and see. You never really know what Buster is getting up to, though chances are, whatever it is has something to do with his mother.

On the bright side, the sight of Hale assures us that Buster has survived his encounter with the hand-eating seal he reunited with at the end of Season 3. Buster's hook and his favorite beverage were featured among the new teaser posters.

EW promises more behind-the-scenes coverage of Arrested Development in their latest issue, which hits shelves this Friday, but may end up in your mailbox a bit sooner if you're a subscriber.

All 15 episodes of Arrested Development's new season will arrive on Netflix on May 26.