Glee is busy gearing up for a fifth season on Fox and has put out the very first teaser trailer to celebrate the series. We get to see from most of the show’s newest and oldest characters, including Kurt, Rachel, Will Schuester, Sue Sylvester and more. The short preview is seriously upbeat and colorful, featuring moments filled with dance moves and music, as well as a few hints of some dialogue we will see in the new episodes.

The whole trailer is so peppy that it’s easy to forget the sober mood Ryan Murphy and his cast and crew have been in since the tragic news of Cory Monteith’s death was announced earlier this summer. On the series, Monteith played Finn, a football player with the voice of an angel who had graduated from McKinley High School but still appeared on the show. The Glee actor died from a combination heroine and alcohol overdose following a stint in rehab where he tried to get clean. His real-life partner, Lea Michelle, also appears on the show, so it’s understandable things wouldn’t be totally rosy going into the new season.

In fact, Fox even delayed the Season 5 premiere of the series after the untimely death of the young actor. The premiere was initially scheduled for September 19, but the network opted to push things back in order to give the cast and crew time to collect themselves and to rework the season’s storylines regarding Finn.

Though it wasn’t shown in the preview, there will be a memorial episode for the character, who will also have to be written out of the show. Murphy recently sounded off on the episode, noting that while the character’s death will be explained, Glee will try to spend more time “celebrating” the character’s life. That episode will be the third of the season, following the two Beatles music-based episodes, which should start off Season 5 on a high note.

While Glee has covered plenty of different sorts of emotional and social issues in the past, the show is normally a lighthearted endeavor that’s filled with song and dance. Even if the Monteith episode tends to be a little more of a downer than normal, I have no doubt most of the season will be filled with high school angst, New Directions drama, and plenty of fun covers.

Glee has already been renewed for both Season 5 and Season 6, which may end up wrapping up the series. Fans of the series can tune in for new episodes beginning on Thursday, September 26 at 9 p.m. ET. has already released its fall premiere date list, as well.

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