On the off chance you are working on a Sunday, this trailer is NSFW.

HBO’s Silicon Valley has been in the pipeline for over a year. The subscription cable network spent some time putting together a cast and coming up with an episode order for the comedy, which follows a group of hackers living in the most famous valley in the U.S. This week, the network finally released the trailer for Silicon Valley, and it gives us a really good look at the new comedy starring T.J. Miller, Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Josh Brener and more.

The comedy is coming from Office Space writer and director Mike Judge, and the trailer for Silicon Valley offers much of the same outspoken humor. On a basic level, it mostly looks to be a series about guys who haven’t earned many social successes throughout their lifetimes but are looking to break big. There’s not a ton of plot summary in the trailer, though. It’s all kids with potty mouths and penis jokes, and I mostly mean that in the best of ways. It’s hard to get a feel for exactly what the show will be like, but I’m willing to give the new offering a shot based solely on the names involved alone.

I would say this comedy should be a slam dunk for the network, but the move comes just a couple of weeks after HBO canceled a batch of comedies, also coming from prominent names like Christopher Guest and Stephen Merchant. Both Hello Ladies and Family Tree made it all the way through a first season on the subscription cable network, but were recently axed before second seasons could be announced. This doesn’t mean that HBO is totally out of comedies; Girls, Looking and Veep are still bringing eyeballs to the network. HBO’s often patient to let its dramas build an audience, but it’s a little less egalitarian with its comedies. I guess the moral of this story is if you really like Judge or Starr or whomever, you should probably tune in.

The trailer is the first big footage we’ve seen from the new series, although the network has briefly teased the comedy in the past. We do know that Silicon Valley has nabbed an eight episode order, similar to Family Tree, etc. for its first season. Additionally, we have a premiere date set for you. If you are interested in a bunch of over-the-top characters eking it out in the workplace, you can catch Silicon Valley when it hits HBO’s schedule on April 6 at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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