The Flash/Arrow Crossover Trailer Looks Action-Packed And Amazing

Tonight’s episode of The Flash featured quite a few great moments, from Grodd smacking people around to a clear shot of Kendra’s Hawkgirl suit. But the most exciting part of the episode actually came after the final scene, as it was our character-filled first look at the upcoming crossover episode between Flash and Arrow, which is running with the tagline “Heroes Join Forces.” Check it out!

That was basically everything I wanted out of a crossover episode preview, although I admittedly haven’t carved out any concrete expectations just yet. I mean, sure it could have been like 5 minutes longer and given us loads more great footage, but that might be asking too much. As it is, we got to see almost everything that the two shows will introduce to lead up to the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, and it all comes from one episode!

Perhaps most importantly here, we get to see Vandal Savage being an immortal blade-throwing badass. I’m so pumped to see Casper Crump in the role, and even though he’s only on screen for a few seconds here, he looks like he’ll bring the pain quite effectively.


We also get to see Kendra “Hawkgirl” Saunders talking to Carter “Hawkman” Hall, and while we don’t get to see the entirety of the Hawkman suit, we do get another look at Hawkgirl’s massive wingspan. That appears to be a pretty intense moment in the episode, as she seems to be roused form unconsciousness as she’s falling from a building. That’s definitely a good time to have wings, I’d say. There’s a bit where Hawkman is chained up, and Barry looks none too happy to be talking to him, but that’ll surely clear itself up at some point.

Since it’s a promo for the crossover, we get to see lots of other familiar faces from both Flash and Arrow. We get to see Felicity, as well as Team Arrow’s Speedy, Diggle and Black Canary, although the White Canary isn’t around just yet. From Flash’s side of things, we get Cisco and…well, just Cisco. (We know Iris isn’t going to be around.) Wells is going to be there as well, although he didn’t show up here.

And then there are the “other” things that happen, like Flash running away from that massive blue wave, which looks pretty badass. And then there’s that huge rock heading towards that town between the pyramids, which likely ties into the Hawkpeople stories. All in all, this looks like it could easily be one of the most exciting episodes of The Flash yet.

Unlike last year’s crossover that told two separate stories, this episodic pairing is supposed to feel like one big episode. So bully for you if you only watch one of them. Expect to see the event kick off on Tuesday, December 1, with The Flash’s “Legends of Today.”

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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