The DC TV shows may not share continuity with the DC Cinematic Universe, but it’s okay because another world is being built on the small screen. Last week, Arrow kicked off its third season, while The Flash began its freshman season. Both shows exist in the same world and are slowly building an epic mythology while maintaining unique tones. Arrow is the gritty, action-oriented show while The Flash is the program where you’ll find lightheartedness and plenty of superpower fare. To celebrate how closely they are connected, the executive producers have decided now is as good a time as any to throw the guy who runs fast and the guy who shoots arrows into an adventure. That’s right, an Arrow and The Flash crossover is coming!

The crossover is still weeks away, but there are enough exciting details to get any fans of the Scarlet Speedster and Emerald Archer excited, from which characters are involved to what prior history has been established. So let’s take a look at what we know so far about this superhero team-up.

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When Do They Air?
The Flash crossover will air on December 2 followed by the Arrow crossover on December 3. The two crossover episodes will take place over each show’s episode 8. The big event will kick off on a Tuesday with The Flash’s episode titled “Flash vs. Arrow,” and conclude the following day with Arrow’s episode titled “The Brave and the Bold.” We also know the latter episode's title comes from the superhero team-up books that DC Comics has published over the decades. Although the titles often featured Batman partnering with other heroes, several of the books hold significance for Barry and Oliver. One series focused on Green Arrow, while another starred Flash and Green Lantern.

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