What Jason Mewes Is Actually Doing On The Flash

Fans of The Flash have seen Barry Allen interacting with a lot of other famed characters, most recently in the Supergirl crossover, but he’ll face his greatest challenge yet when he shares the screen with Jason Mewes for the upcoming episode directed by Kevin Smith. Okay, so it won’t be his greatest challenge, but we now have a few more details about what to expect from this unexpected cameo. According to Smith:

He’s got a role role, and he plays like an adult, which is weird. But we had a moment in the show where I could sneak him in Where’s Waldo?-esque into a background of a lot of characters. I can’t spoil anything, but I had a chance to put him in twice. The second one was just like he’s in a big shot where you see a lot of people… The one scene he’s in, he’s got lines, the other scene, he doesn’t. He’s standing amidst a bunch of people, but because he got to wear a mask, he loved that more than the other thing.

I think it’s pretty amusing that knowledge about where Jason Mewes fits into a scene on The Flash can be considered a spoiler. It’s obviously unfortunate that it (presumably) won’t involve Smith and Mewes’ comic book characters Bluntman and Chronic, but we can’t imagine that the appearance will be disappointing. Donkey show or no donkey show.

Kevin Smith recently hit up social media with a lovely story and image from the set, going a little deeper into how overwhelmingly pleased Mewes was to get that non-speaking scene where he wore a mask. But now that we know he’s in a big shot with lots of cast members in the same scene, we’re wondering what that could mean. Will Zoom bring out a plethora of minions in his fight against Flash, rather than his previous awful plan of just sending one Earth-2 villain at a time to Earth-1’s Central City? Is there a festival of some kind where citizens cosplay as Zoom? Or maybe Mewes is wearing a mask because Cisco invents some kind of a technically advanced sex toy and he has to go into Central City’s most prestigious S&M club to deliver it. None of those are likely, but still fun to think about.

In talking about all of this on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith sadly didn’t reveal that he also got Ben Affleck to appear on The Flash as a mall employee in a Batman costume, or that Jason Lee would be appearing as a mustached Time Wraith. But if this episode is a big success, maybe Kevin Smith will get more directing gigs within the DC TV Universe, and then he can create whatever wacky pop culture crossovers he wants.

Smith’s episode, which doesn’t have a title yet, will air on The CW on May 10. In the meantime, The Flash will return to The CW on Tuesday, April 19.

Nick Venable
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