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Season 2 of The Flash has already set the seeds for a romance to blossom between Barry and Patty Spivot, Joe’s new partner. But there may be another new relationship forming between two other characters: Caitlin and Jay Garrick, the Earth 2 version of The Flash. Two lonely souls just looking to let off some steam after taking down dangerous metahumans. A tale as old as time.

At this point in their lives, Caitlin has been a widow for six months and hasn’t been herself since Ronnie died in an effort to close up the singularity above Central City, and Jay got brought to Earth 1 as a result of the singularity, and he’s chasing the big bad Zoom without the use of his superpowers. Of course they’re going to be into each other. Here’s how Jay portrayer Teddy Sears put it, according to EW.
Jay finds himself wonderfully ingratiated into the group at S.T.A.R. Labs. He becomes an extra spoke in the wheels for their doing battle with the metahuman-of-the-week. Jay’s background as a scientist allows him to accomplish things in a way that perhaps the team wasn’t able to do before. That said, Caitlin Snow is also a scientist and the two of them find themselves teaming up on whatever needs to be done to help defeat the villains, and they also begin to share a closeness that neither one of them could’ve anticipated.

He’s not calling for wedding bells, but that sounds like a situation that builds up to slow smooches beneath fluorescent lights. The Flash isn’t a show where people do much more than touch lips for a few meaningful seconds, so it’s not like they’ll enter largely sexual territory or anything. But this could give these characters a few instances where they’re able to escape the emotionally draining troubles of their daily lives. We shouldn’t expect Caitlin to get too invested here, as she probably doesn’t want another “superhero who will only be around for a temporary amount of time” in her line of serious boyfriends. Or maybe that’s her thing now.

Jay Garrick has already made an impact in Central City, having taught Flash on how to throw lightning at villains. And we know he’s going to inform everyone about all the Earth 2 villains that Zoom is pulling in. But a character who only presents exposition isn’t a very good one, so we’re glad to see that Jay’s story will have more dimensions to it

Find out if Jay and Caitlin will be up in a tree making kissy-faces or not, along with how Caitlin will react to a new Firestorm, when The Flash airs on The CW every Tuesday night.

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