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The Flash: Check Out Barry's Cool New Power

The Flash brought Season 2 to fans in full force by ushering back a familiar face thought lost and killing off a familiar face we thought would be around longer. And if you thought Episode 2 would skimp on bringing in new stuff, you’d be mistaken. Below, you can see Barry’s newest power as The Flash in all of its explosive glory.


I know what you’re thinking: “When in the hell is The Flash going to be a character in Street Fighter, because that’s one of the coolest Hadoken-looking attacks I’ve ever seen.” And if that wasn’t what you were thinking, I’m not sure we should be friends.

This lightning strike is clearly the new power that actor Grant Gustin was gushing over a while back, and assuming we get to see it on a regular basis, the gushing was worth it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to watch Flash run up to people and slam chests with power punches, but the speedster needed a good projectile attack to round things out. That said, if he were to just start chucking baseballs at his enemies, I’d be down with that, too.

It looks like Barry didn’t come up with this electrical blast by himself, and it seems as if it was taught to him by Jay Garrick, the Earth 2 Flash that appeared at the end of the Season 2 premiere. Garrick appears throughout the preview, as he’ll be a major part of Season 2, for a while anyway. And he’s got all the info on the villain.

“Flash of Two Worlds,” an episode title that serves as a homage to the classic comic arc, will feature the debut of Firestorm villain Sand Demon, as played by Kett Turton, who comes from Garrick’s alternate Earth. (That’s where he got his name, much to Cisco’s chagrin.) Like the Sandman of the Marvel universe, Sand Demon can manipulate sand however he wants, and he apparently wants to wallop the hell out of Flash with it. Check out the entire trailer for the episode below.

Get ready to watch Barry hurling lightning at anyone who happens to cross his path – although it will probably only be bad guys – when The Flash returns for “Flash of Two Worlds” next Tuesday night on The CW.

Nick Venable
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