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Will Forte Wants To Compete On The Amazing Race With Val Kilmer

Will Forte’s Last Man on Earth has been a solid success over at Fox, but if Forte had his way, he might be on another network right now. The actor recently revealed that he and his MacGruber co-star Val Kilmer are both obsessed with the idea of competing on The Amazing Race. That’s right, they would love to team up and be one of the celebrity teams to travel around the world competing for a million dollars, according to the comedian.

Forte recently revealed that he and Val Kilmer hung out on the set of MacGruber and became fast friends. Kilmer eventually crashed with Forte for a while, and spent a good chunk of their leisure time watching CBS’ hit travel-based competition series. For a while, they decided they would apply, but Forte tells Vulture things haven’t worked out yet.

We checked with our agents to see if they would let us do it and they were both wildly against it. We almost said, ‘Oh, screw them.’ But then we both got too busy.

If the fates ever align and Will Forte and Val Kilmer do eventually appear on The Amazing Race, they won’t be the only celebrities to have ever popped up on the show. Actor and writer Mike White has appeared on the show before, and the show has also hosted famous athletes and more. Athletes, including former NHL player Bates Battaglia and professional poker player Maria Ho, have also appeared on the long-running series. In the music realm, New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight appeared on The Amazing Race this season before being eliminated at the end of the fourth leg. Obviously, Val Kilmer and Will Forte signing on would be a much bigger team-up on the show, and that just makes us want it to happen even more.

It has been five years since MacGruber was released, and clearly the two men haven’t popped up on The Amazing Race in the time since, which means it may not ever happen. However, the idea of bigger celebrities appearing on The Amazing Race is certainly appealing for fans of the show. The unscripted program has tried a lot of gimmicky concepts over the years, but there hasn’t been a celebrity season, yet. It would be hard to coordinate the schedules of a bunch of different celebrities, but if Dancing with the Stars can do it, I have no doubt The Amazing Race could figure it out.

While we wait for Forte’s potential reality appearance, you can catch him when The Last Man on Earth airs on Sunday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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