The Full Community Season 6 Trailer Features A Slew Of New Characters

While there’s still no big talk about a movie, the world will finally get to see Season 6 of Community later this month, and we have our first look at the madness below in a trailer that gives numerous nods to the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. You might be expecting Ultron to pop up at some point, but it’s just the Dean.

Jesus wept, and I’m pretty sure this trailer is better than the entirety of Community’s Dan Harmon-free Season 4, and not just because this season has added some of my favorite actors. It’s all tentpole, from the Honest Trailer guy’s voiceover to the Avengers font to…well, a giant pile of Frisbees as a major threat. Okay, so that last one doesn’t hold up, but it’s still a nice touch to show what kind of place Greendale is. As is the introduction of all the robot students standing in as surrogates for prisoners. Now let’s meet the new characters, shall we?


First up is Criminal Minds vet Paget Brewster as new Shirley Frankie Dart, a consultant who has been brought to Greendale to try and bring the school back to good graces. That seems slightly less complicated than trying to get Jeff to spend a weekend of quality time with the Dean. Good luck keeping Greendale weird, Frankie.


And then we have Platoon and Enlisted star Keith David, who plays retired professor Elroy Patashnik. He finds his way to Greendale in order to reinvent himself, and it looks like he’ll be entering the student body the same way everyone else did. But he’s nobody’s fourth Ghostbuster, dammit, and Elroy looks like he’s willing to have some fun in spite of himself.


Comedian and The League star Jason Mantzoukas pops up as a drama teacher who clearly doesn’t have time to deal with Chang’s shit. But who among us does, really?

Unseen in the preview are fellow guest stars Steve Guttenberg, Billy Zane, Matt Berry, Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren. Even the episode directors are noteworthy, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier helmers Anthony and Joe Russo returning to take on the first episode, and Lego Movie 2 director Rob Schrab and Bobcat Goldthwait are there for later episodes.

From Jeff as a fantasy mayor to virtual Dean-ality, it looks like Yahoo! will be doing this beloved series justice for at least one more season. Find out how much longtime fans will Chang-pion its return when Community hits Yahoo! Screen on March 17.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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