The Fuller House Character We'll See More Of In Season 2

The big appeal of the first season of Full House continuation Fuller House was definitely the trip down memory lane with old familiar faces, but the fantastic new characters that were introduced mean that the second season could be even more fun. When Season 2 of Fuller House hits Netflix, we’ll be seeing a lot more of one of those new characters, as John Brotherton has been promoted from guest star to series regular as Dr. Matt Harmon.

There was speculation that Matt’s importance in Season 1 meant that we would get more of him in Season 2, so the confirmation from Deadline of John Brotherton’s promotion is great news for those of us who grew attached to his immensely lovable Matt. Unfortunately, more Matt is not-so-great news for romantic rival Steve. It’s safe to say at this point that D.J.’s love life isn’t going to be any less crazy than in Season 1, even if she did choose herself and her family over a guy in the final episode.


Given that Matt has a major part in D.J.’s professional life as well as her personal life, John Brotherton appearing more frequently in Season 2 makes plenty of sense. Even if D.J. continues to waffle over which man should woo her, Matt will be in her orbit at their veterinary practice. He was an unexpected arrival in her life who made her realize that she was ready to jump back into the dating pool, and he worked as a great rival for Steve. The latter had the nostalgia factor working in his favor in the romantic triangle, but it’s hard to root against Matt. He’s just such a painfully good guy.

Fuller House was renewed for Season 2 almost immediately after the premiere of Season 1, so we’ve known that the show was coming back for a while without knowing for sure exactly who was coming back. The news of John Brotherton signing on as a regular comes on the heels of the confirmation of young Ashley Liao as a regular in the role of Lola, as well as the announcement of a love interest for Stephanie Tanner. Hopefully, Fuller House stops with just the single love interest for the middle Tanner daughter. One love triangle on this show is plenty.

Reviews for the first season of Fuller House were mixed, so it should be interesting to see if more development for new characters will help or hurt the series for the second season. John Stamos, at least, is confident that Fuller House has a long and bright future ahead.

Season 2 is still a ways off, so be sure check out our breakdown of what we know so far about what is to come next for Fuller House. For shows to watch while you wait for Season 2, have a look at our summer TV premiere schedule.

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