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There’s good news and there’s even better news. Which do you want first? Fine, it’s free! That’s the “even better” news. The good news is that the series premiere of Fox’s new comedy New Girl is available on iTunes for download in its entirely now. Get a free, early look at the pilot episode.

Fox just passed the word along and just to verify, I went into iTunes’ store and sure enough, there it is in all it’s 24-minutes-and-2-second glory. While the series’ official TV premiere isn’t until Tuesday, September 20th (9/8c), iTunes users don’t have to wait a moment longer (excluding download time).

New Girl stars Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day, an upbeat woman who finds herself suddenly single after learning her boyfriend is cheating on her. Losing her man results in gaining three when she moves in with a group of guys.

Fox hasn’t been shy about promoting the series and I think that’s for the best. New Girl is among the most promising looking shows set to debut this fall and definitely deserves as much attention as Fox can get it. So, while I highly recommend heading over to iTunes and downloading it, then watching it on your computer, your iPod/pad/phone or whatever other device you might have that plays iTunes videos, be warned that if you’ve been watching Fox regularly this summer, there’s probably a good chance you’ve seen a lot of what it’s in the episode.

Follow New Girl on Twitter at @NewGirlonFOX.

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