The Gilmore Girls Revival Is Bringing Back Another Random Side Character

Netflix has essentially become the king of reboots. Cashing in on the need for nostalgia, the streaming service has been bringing back dearly departed series that audiences want more episodes of. The most hotly anticipated revival series is the upcoming Gilmore Girls miniseries. Tentatively titled Gilmore Girls: Seasons, the new series will be made up of four 90-minute episodes, and will bring back almost the entire cast which made up the comedy’s seven seasons. In addition to the main cast, as well as a ton of Stars Hollow residents, it now appears that another supporting character will be reappearing in the new Gilmore Girls.

Actor Gregg Henry, who played the sometimes villainous Mitchum Huntzberger, recently tweeted an image revealing his return to the world of the Gilmore Girls. Check it out below.

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From this tweet, it appears that Mitchum’s tyrannical control over his son is likely not through yet. The drama continues.

While Mitchum Huntzberger only made a physical appearance on Gilmore Girls a total of six times, his presence was felt and referenced constantly throughout the three seasons after he made his debut. As the father of Rory’s college boyfriend Logan, he was often seen trying to force his slacker heir apparent to grow up and make a name for himself professionally. While this seems like a typical parental concern, his tactics were known to be forceful and borderline verbally abusive.

Mitchum was also the catalyst for one of the biggest pieces of drama in the entire series: Rory and Lorelai’s temporary separation. After offering Rory an internship at the Stamford Gazette, he eventually tells her she simply doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist, which caused Rory to spiral and end up being arrested for stealing a boat with Logan. All of this cumulated with Rory taking a break from Yale and moving in with her grandparents, much to the chagrin of Lorelai and the audience alike.

Of course, Mitchum eventually realizes that he was wrong about Rory, and tells her he’d be glad to help her get a job anywhere she’d like. Then again, this promise was made before Rory turned down Logan’s hand in marriage, so it probably didn’t stand after the series finale.

I, for one, am glad to see Mitchum returning to the series. We’ve known that Logan (along with Rory’s other two boyfriends) would be returning for the Netflix series, so it only makes sense that his family baggage would be coming with him. I only hope that Logan’s mother Shira will return, so that Emily will bring her sass back.

Of course, we’ll continue to update you on all things Gilmore Girls as details become public. There is not currently a release date for the revival as they’re clearly still filming at the moment, but Amy Sherman-Palladino seems to want each episode released on Netflix separately. Only time will tell if that plans comes to fruition.

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