Girl Meets World Just Recreated The Classic Boy Meets World Intro, And It's Awesome

The Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World was a big deal when it was first coming together over at Disney. While a lot of fans of the original ABC sitcom haven’t stuck around for the Disney version, the show has done well enough that Disney has signed on for a third season of the comedy. Now, the Girl Meets World team has put together a brand new intro that pays homage to Boy Meets World. You can check out the adorable video, below.

So, we feel we have to start off by saying the Girl Meets World intro is far less catchy than the original for Boy Meets World. (I can't imagine Boy Meets World letting a cast member sing the theme song, as Sabrina Carpenter does here.) It’s really uptempo and positive in the same way though, and is more contemporary, so I see why they didn’t want to knock off the original with the them song. Regardless, the rest of the Season 3 intro is a straight-up homage to the Boy Meets World intro, culminating in the cast crossing the logo for the series at the end of the intro.

intro copy

It's almost difficult to tell where one intro ends and the other one begins. As a whole, the Season 3 credits are a pretty perfect nod to the original series. For comparison, here’s one of the amalgamations of the Boy Meets World intro, which also features dancing on the streets and some of the cast throwing ice water on their fellow cast members.

While the Disney Channel original series is not straight-up exactly like the original series, during Season 3 Riley and Maya will be switching from middle school and heading to high school, much like Topanga and Corey did in the nineties. In addition, other TGIF star Reginald VelJohnson is expected to appear in Season 3. The new episodes of the Disney Channel series are expected to hit the schedule this coming June.

Nothing like a TV spinoff to really remind you of your childhood, amiright? Luckily, there are a ton of reboots and revivals in the works right now. So if your style is more Gilmore Girls or Prison Break, you'll still have plenty of nostalgia in your TV viewing in the coming months. If you'd like to look into some of the reboots that are still currently in the works, head here. In addition, we'll let you know whenever Girl Meets World gets an official premiere date.

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