After a pretty major crackcident, Shoshanna was decidedly absent from last night's episode of Girls. In her place, Jessa and Marnie explored a different side of their relationship, which involved a pretty excellent guest appearance by Chris O'Dowd, and Hannah took a special kind of shower with Adam, which resulted in a spat. Apparently, Hannah does have a line and Adam managed to cross it.

The line is pee.

Just moments before Adam thought it would be funny to pee on Hannah while they were taking a shower together, I was commenting aloud on how he seems to feel the need to point out her flaws (in this case, her split ends), as though she isn't already hyper-aware of them. And then he proceeded to pee on her, claiming he thought she'd think it was funny. I think maybe part of that was true, and the rest of the truth had something to do with him thinking he could do something like that to her and she'd let him. Now he knows otherwise, and good for Hannah for drawing the line.

Speaking of Hannah and her awareness of her flaws, that's among the topics addressed in the preview for next Sunday night's episode.

So, it looks like Sunday's episode will feature not one but two guest stars, in the form of Michael Imperioli and Kathryn Hahn. Am I mistaken or are they setting up Imperioli as a possible love interest for Hannah? That might just be some tricky editing on the part of the editing. Meanwhile, Shoshanna's trying out online dating, and it looks like Hahn's character is looking to bring Jessa back to her "girls" somehow. What's that all about?

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