New Glee Photos Capture The Cast Channeling Britney Spears In Season 4

Kurt and Rachel will be busy growing up during this season of Glee. The two characters are leaving the sheltered William McKinley High School and heading in to the big, bold New York where Kurt will take a job with a fashion magazine and Rachel will work it to earn roles within the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. Now, we’ve got a slew of photos featuring Kurt and Rachel’s life in the big city, as well as what the rest of the crew will be up to during some of the early episodes in Season 4.

TV Blend already announced Rachel would be getting a makeover (thanks to Kurt) and will be busting her butt to prove to her teacher, Cassandra (Kate Hudson), that she’s got enough sex appeal to make it in the big leagues. To achieve this, Rachel will be tackling Britney Spears’ “Oops, I did it Again,” marking the second time Spears’ music will make it on to Fox’s show and, according to the photograph, the first time I’ve ever seen that much of Lea Michele’s body onscreen.

She’s definitely got the smoldering look going on, which channels Spears during a certain period, but she won’t be the only Glee cast member tackling the singer’s back catalog. “Britney 2.0” will feature the rest of the cast jamming to some of the tunes, as well. The image below even shows a large ensemble cast group rocking out with knee socks like Spears in the “Baby One More Time” music video, although in this case, the socks seem to have a more practical gym class use. Does this sound better than the first Spears cover episode, “Britney/Britney?” Yes, a thousand times, yes.

Glee’s “Britney 2.0” episode will air Thursday, September 20 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.