Glee Season 4 Watch: Episode 15 - Girls (And Boys) On Film

In last night's kiss-and-tell episode, everyone was coming clean about his or her indiscretions. Plus it was girls versus boys in an epic mash-up showdown. Let's recap, shall we?


It's been a while since our Gleeks have had a mash-up competition. So, Schuester assigns his kids a mash-up sing-off, girls versus boys style. The theme is favorite movie songs. And there is a prize at stake. Whichever team wins scores a starring role in Artie's senior project.

Although I loved the girl's Madonna material girl get-up and Moulin Rouge mash-up of "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," the guys won me over with their Tom Cruise mash-up of songs from Risky Business and Top Gun. By the way, I agree with Sam about the sunglasses.

And the mash-up competition turns out to be a tie because Artie needs a lot of people for his cast. Okay, but I still feel like that was a cop-out.

Snowed in NYC

Meanwhile Kurt, Adam, Rachel and Santana are snowed in, and classes have been cancelled at NYADA. I'm not familiar with NYC schools, but since you can practically walk everywhere, how much snow would it take to actually cancel classes?

Anyway, in between Moulin Rouge marathons, we learn that Santana has been snooping and found Brody has $1200 cash plus a pager. Putting two and two together, Santana deduces that Brody must be a drug dealer. Hmm maybe, but I'm still leaning toward male escort.

Preggo Rachel?

Although we have no verbal confirmation, since Rachel burst into tears when Santana confronted her about the pregnancy test, it looks like Miss Berry is preggo, at least for now. With Glee you never know. She could have a false home pregnancy test. (It was never said if she went to the doctor to get a blood test.) Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Kiss & Tell

Finn and Artie's ginger plan worked, and they were able to ascertain where Emma has been hiding. And in what I thought was the most awesome moment of the episode, Will Schuester held a boom box over his head while serenading Emma. (Boom boxes make everything better.)

Did anyone else think it was odd that Emma's reason for leaving the altar was she thought she didn't know Will anymore? Wasn't he only gone for "three months" and they kept in contact the whole time? Anyway, the two agree to start over fresh. But then Finn admits to Schue about the kiss. So, who knows where that leaves Will and Emma now.

Meanwhile Marley, during a cliche pottery scene from Ghost, admits to Jake that Ryder kissed her, and she let him! A hurt Jake didn't officially dump Marley, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't revert back to his bad boy ways.

LOL Moment(s)

Kurt had me cracking up when he proclaimed "Moulin Rouge, bitches." Also who knew that gingers smell like pennies? Haha.

Memorable Quotes

Kurt: "I always get a little sad when the sun comes out and the snow starts to melt and all the snowmen look like they have scoliosis."

Santana: "My first real week in New York and I'm snowbound in Bushwick with a bunch of musical theater queens. It's like Eli Roth decided to make a gay horror movie and this is the scene right before we all eat each other."

Will: "If you were to write yourself a pamphlet, what would it be called?" Emma: "'So You're Freaking Out Because The Man You're Supposed to Marry Parades Back Into Town and You Don't Feel Like You Know Him Anymore.'"

Music featured

“You're All the World to Me”

“Come What May"


“Old Time Rock and Roll/Danger Zone”

“Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl”

"In Your Eyes"

"Unchained Melody"


Gleeks, next week it is World War Glee. And hopefully we find out what the outcome of Kurt & Adam's movie date was, and whether the two are now dating, or "Blurt" is back on. Can't wait!