Thanks to the trailer that was released last week, Gotham - the upcoming Batman-without-Batman television series - has become one of our most anticipated new shows of the upcoming fall season, and today Twentieth Century Fox is doing their best to capitalize on that heightened interest. A brand new featurette has arrived online featuring a whole bunch of footage plus enlightening interviews that answer some important questions that we've been left asking.

One such question has been about Bruce Wayne's precise role in Gotham. We know that his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, are shot and killed in the pilot of the show - leading Ben McKenzie's Detective James Gordon to search for the killer - and we know that the series won't feature him turning into the Caped Crusader, so where does he stand? According to executive producer and writer Bruno Heller, his part is rather integral, as the series will do its part to tell the story of how young Detective Gordon and young Bruce first met and became both friends and allies. This may ruffle the feathers of some of the more hardcore Batman fans out there, as this kind of interaction has never really been a part of comic book canon, but it's very clear that this show is doing its own thing, and until we see it we can't really judge it. If the friendship between the two characters works, who cares if it didn't originate on the page?

Along those same lines, another thing that intrigued me about this featurette is the comments made about the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has classically existed either because of Batman's handiwork (accidentally dumping the criminal lunatic into a vat of acid) or because of his larger-than-life presence, but we will see neither of those things present in Gotham. Heller teases that the series will tell us "what made The Joker [into] The Joker," which potentially means that we could end up seeing a whole new beginning for the character's story. Then again, is there any chance that they could aim to recreate the origin story that was created in Alan Moore's The Killing Joke? (minus Batman, of course). It's definitely something to be on the lookout for, and judging from director Danny Cannon's comments his first appearance may end up taking us all completely by surprise.

While no precise premiere date has been announced yet, Gotham will be airing on Monday nights from 8:00-9:00pm on Fox starting this Fall. The ensemble cast includes Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sean Pertwee, Cory Michael Smith, David Mazouz and Erin Richards. Stay tuned for more about the show about check out our breakdown of the Gotham trailer on last week's episode of Hero Blend.
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