Gotham Will World Premiere At Comic-Con, Flash Pilot And Constantine Footage Screening Scheduled

There is an impressive amount of comic book content coming to television this year. In addition to returning shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow, the networks will be flooded with programming like Marvel Studios’ Agent Carter and DC’s Gotham, Flash, and Constantine. Really, it’s a comic book fans dream, but if you just can’t wait and want to get an early look at some of those shows, I have some very good news for you.

Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment are teaming up to create a special TV-centric presentation at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that will see debut footage premiere from a whole bunch of shows on the night of Saturday July 26th. So what will fans be able to see? Allow me to break it down:



Perhaps the biggest part of the event will be the world premiere screening of Gotham's first episode, which, according to an official press release, won’t be airing any other time during San Diego Comic-Con. I guess that means that there isn’t going to be a separate panel for the show, but the good news is that there will be some special appearances anyway. While no specific names are mentioned, “the cast and producers” are apparently scheduled to show up. I guess it’s nice for WB to keep it as a surprise.


The Flash

The Flash will be the other comic book-inspired pilot that screens on Saturday night – though it won’t be quite as exclusive as the aforementioned showing of Gotham. Just like with the Batman-inspired show, the Scarlet Speedster’s new program will also be bringing in unspecified members of the cast and producers to go on stage and talk about the series.



San Diego Comic-Con sadly won’t be the first place we get to see the pilot for Constantine, but audience members won’t be walking away from Comic-Con seeing nothing. In addition to having members of the cast and “creative team” up on stage, Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment will also be delivering exclusive footage.



Of the four shows getting ready to deliver the goods to Saturday night at Comic-Con, Arrow is the only one that has actually been on the air – but that shouldn’t reduce your excitement level. Never-before-seen teaser footage from the third season is going to be shown, members of the cast and producers are on-board to make an appearance, and they will be holding a special question and answer session for fans.

We unfortunately don’t know what time the DC Comics TV show screenings will be scheduled for (it’s worth noting that Marvel Studios usually has their panel on Saturday night in Hall H), but just in case you have a scheduling conflict or can’t make it down to San Diego, there is some good news: Gotham, The Flash, Constantine and Arrow are all going to be airing this fall.

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