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Grandfathered: A Full House Reunion Is Coming Early To John Stamos' New Show

If your life in the 1990s revolved around the TGIF sitcom lineup, then your entire existence might be fueled by instances when the Full House cast occasionally reunites, and you have probably already put in vacation time for when Netflix debuts Fuller House. (You might also know what size straitjacket you fit into.) Thankfully, you won’t have to wait until next year to see some of that show’s central cast getting back together, as John Stamos’ new Fox comedy Grandfathered will pair the actor back up with Dave Coulier and the previously announced Bob Saget. Consider it a belated Grandparents Day present.

Both Coulier and Saget aren’t actually starring in the show, sadly, and will only be around for one-episode appearances. The show centers on Stamos’ savvy restauranteur Jimmy Martino, whose life is thrown into the wringer when he gets a surprise visit by Josh Peck’s Gerald, a son he never knew he had, and Gerald’s daughter Edie. Gerald’s mom Sara, played by Paget Brewster, is a former rocker and she’s the link to how Coulier comes into the story, as he’ll play a patient of one of Sara’s current co-workers, according to THR. Will he have a sore throat that doesn’t allow him to do a proper Popeye impersonation? Did someone throw rock-filled tomatoes at him in a comedy club?

Though we’re not sure when Coulier will appear on Grandfathered, we know that Saget will be showing up in the series premiere later this month. You can actually get a sneak peek of him in the show’s first trailer below.

Sucks that Coulier and Saget couldn’t both be in the same episode, but the fact that they’re both involved opens the door to future Full House cameos down the road, especially since everyone will be working together for Fuller House, which is set to premiere next year. Maybe Candace Cameron-Bure could appear as one of Sara’s cool friends that Gerald tries to hit on, or Lori Loughlin could show up as another one of Jimmy’s old flames. Or Andrea Barber could play his annoying neighbor. The choices aren’t endless, but there are a lot of them.

Don’t have a full-blown mid-life crisis or anything. The series premiere of Grandfathered isn’t far away, and it will debut on Fox on Tuesday, September 29, paired up with Rob Lowe’s new comedy The Grinder.

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