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M.A.S.H. Star Wayne Rogers Is Dead At 82

Wayne Rogers, an actor who was most known for a role in M.A.S.H. but who later popped up in plenty of other TV movies and series, including House Calls and Murder, She Wrote died on Thursday with his family nearby. Reports indicate the actor and investor was suffering from complications related to having pneumonia. He was 82 years old.

Rogers’ major contribution to the world of acting is, of course, his gig on M.A.S.H. As part of the original cast of M.A.S.H., Wayne Rogers played Captain "Trapper" John McIntyre. Trapper was a good-natured fellow and surgeon on the hit dramedy. He was known for his martini-drinking habits and was a key component in the first three seasons of the series. However, he was often given less screentime than Alan Alda’s Hawkeye and wasn't very happy with where his character was going. Eventually, there was a contract dispute and Rogers left the series before Season 4 got underway. M.A.S.H. would continue its success for years following Rogers' departure and eventually went off the air after 11 seasons in 1983. There was even later a spinoff show developed around his character, Trapper John, MD, but as the show was set more than three decades after M.A.S.H., he did not play the character.

In the years following, Rogers popped up in movies including The Killing Time, Ghosts of Mississippi, The Gig, The Hot Touch and others. However, the actor was still mostly known for TV work, with longer gigs on House Calls and other series. He also featured in a lengthy number of TV movies, including I Dream of Jeannie… Fifteen Years Later, He’s Fired, She’s Hired, and three-part premiere The November Plan, a TV feature connected to the short-lived series City of Angels. The show was to be his next big thing after M.A.S.H., but, as with so many other shows, it didn't turn out as anyone had hoped.

In addition to his acting career, Wayne Rogers also was sharp as a tack and built a really impressive personal investment portfolio and company that included real estate and other ventures. Entertainment Tonight says he was the head of Wayne Rogers & Co., which led to a gig on the Fox News Channel. Rogers was a frequent panelist on the series Cashin' In, where he provided advice and insight.

Wayne Rogers leaves behind a thriving family, including his wife Amy, his two children, Bill and Laura (from a first marriage). Four grandchildren also survive. Our hearts go out to the Rogers family during this time. Losing a loved one is always rough and we’re sorry this had to happen so near to the holidays. Thankfully, we all have plenty of classic TV and movie memories to keep his spirit alive. He will be missed.

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