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Boardwalk Empire was easily one of the more exciting new shows last season, taking home the Best Drama Golden Globe as well as many other prestigious awards. Lead Steve Buscemi picked up a SAG Award for his role as Nucky Thompson, and pilot director/series executive producer Martin Scorsese earned DGA award.

It was nice to see that this excellent period drama was not overshadowed by the much more hyped, and far inferior, The Walking Dead over on AMC, which made its undeserved splash only a month later. As far as premium television goes, you won't find many with the talent, production values, or engaging narratives of HBO's prohibition-era drama. Boardwalk Empire gave us a fantastic opening season...now we look to season two.

I stumbled into this cool "invitation to the set" featurette on CHUD (where they've also posted some pretty rad fan art for the series), and it's definitely worth a look. It gives some great behind-the-scenes footage while also hyping up the drama coming down the New Jersey Turnpike (yeah, yeah, I know it wasn't built until 30 years after this show...you tell anyone and you'll have to deal with Nucky).

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO sometime this fall (probably a similar premiere date as the first season, namely, mid-September).