We learned last month that HBO’s streaming video feature HBO Go will eventually be available through XBox 360, possibly as soon as April 1st. Today we have a teaser for the feature, which uses Game of Thrones as part of the pitch.

As a Time Warner Cable subscriber, I’ve only recently been able to enjoy the benefits of HBO Go. The website and app offer a huge amount of HBO content, including full episodes of new and past HBO original series, and plenty of movies. But as I’m not a fan of watching TV on my computer, I’ve been hoping we might see HBO Go compatibility added to Playstation 3 or TiVo, much in the way Netflix is. While that may or may not happen, the service is going to be available to XBox 360 users soon enough...

“Free with your HBO subscription and XBox Live Gold Membership,” the teaser says. Kind of gives new meaning to the word “free.” “Included” would be a bit more honest. This is certainly a convenient set-up for people who have HBO and an XBox Live Gold Membership, but for those of us who have no other reason to subscribe to XBox Live Gold other than this one feature, it just seems like an added cost (which factored in with the monthly cost of HBO, adds up). With that said, HBO Go becoming compatible with XBox 360 could mean this is the direction HBO is headed in, and hopefully we’ll hear word of the service becoming compatible with other consoles that would allow us to access HBO Go through the television.

It's also worth noting that the teaser doesn't specify April 1, which could mean a longer wait for the service to be available via XBox 360

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