While the cold winds may be rising for certain Westeros residents, in the distance, if you listen very carefully, a chair can be heard squeaking in a different HBO series. The teaser for Veep is out and it gives us a tiny glimpse of what Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be up to when the series premieres next April.

If you haven’t already seen it, HBO released the teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Season 2 (watch it here!). While the popular fantasy-drama returns this April, HBO will also be debuting new comedy series Veep, which has Julia Louis-Dreyfus set to play the Vice President of the United States. Check out the teaser below...

The use of sound works great in the above teaser, as it’s set up with a dramatic sounding heartbeat, only to reveal a bored looking Dreyfus who seems to have gotten lost in the melodic sounds of her squeaky chair. The teaser doesn’t give us a lot to go on other than that this is clearly a comedy. We have a few months to wait for it. Veep premieres April 2012 on HBO.

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