Hemlock Grove Renewed For Season 2

It's hard to predict what Netflix will renew and what they'll pass on, considering they're pretty tight-lipped about their viewership. However, while they haven't been big in divulging the specific ratings information of the original series, we know they're keeping track of who's watching… and what else viewers are watching and how often and what interests overlap with others. Point being, they have the data. and so far, they appear to have faith in their original programming, as they renewed House of Cards, which debuted earlier this year. And this week, they've announced that they're ordering a second season of Eli Roth's new horror-drama Hemlock Grove, albeit a slightly shorter one.

According to Netlfix's announcement, Hemlock Grove will return in 2014 for a 10-episode Season 2. The first season, which debuted in it's entirety (opens in new tab) April 19, consisted of thirteen episodes. So that's three fewer, which isn't a huge decrease, but it's certainly worth noting. Described as a gothic horror thriller, Season 1 introduced us to the residents of a small Pennsylvania town where the mangled body of a teenage girl has been found. Trying to figure out who or what did that to her, rumors begin to surface about some of the residents, which includes a new gypsy family that's just arrived in town, and the well known earthy Godfrey family. Among the cast are Famke Janssen, playing Olivia Godfrey, Bill Skasgard playing Roman Godfrey and Landon Liboiron as Peter Rumancek. The cast also included Lili Taylor Aaron Douglas and Tiio Horn.

In addition to the shorter episode order, Netflix also announced that Charles Eglee would be joining Season 2 of the Gaumont International Television production as executive producer and showrunner. Eglee, whose credits include Dexter, The Walking Dead and The Shield, joins executive producers Eli Roth, Eric Newman and Michael Connolly, as well as series developers Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman.

I watched the first episode of Hemlock Grove and wasn't hooked. I've said I'd go back to it and finish the season, but have yet to find the will to do that. It'll be my goal before Season 2 arrives. In the meantime, we have Orange is the New Black to look forward to coming soon. Netflix has Jenji Cohen's new series set to debut on July 11. These series follow House of Cards and the recently aired Season 4 of Arrested Development among Netflix's original offerings.

Here's the trailer for the first season of Hemlock Grove.

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