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Getting syndicated is a big deal for a television show. It means promotion for any show still on air, and it also means longevity—that a show may be remembered in the collective consciousness a little or a lot longer than it might otherwise. For a program like TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland, getting syndicated is also a chance for the network to prove it has really arrived with original content.

That seems to be exactly what TV Land is setting out to do. According to Deadline, after shopping its anchor show, TV Land had been in talks since the summer with CBS TV Distribution to pick up the show. Now, the network has landed a contract with CBS TV Distribution, who will now be able to find a syndication time slot for the show. If you’re a fan of Betty White, it’s likely you’ll be seeing more of her.

It’s not surprising TV Land would want to go all in for a syndication bid. Since Hot in Cleveland premiered to 4.75 million viewers in 2010 the Betty White vehicle has certainly been a hot commodity. However, even though the show has impressively made it to Season 3 in only a year and a half, there still aren’t a ton of episodes available to totally warrant syndication. I would guess CBS TV Distribution is making a little bit of a gamble by nabbing the syndication rights. But hey, if Glee can do it Hot in Cleveland can too.

Current episodes of TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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