Hot In Cleveland Renewed For Season 5

TV Land’s original programming anchor, Hot in Cleveland, has been renewed like clockwork since its inception. The show has produced four season in less than three years and is approaching the 100-episode mark. In order to reach that milestone, TV Land has signed on to produce a fifth season of the comedy.

Honestly, Hot in Cleveland hasn’t been so hot in recent seasons. When we wrote about the Season 3 renewal, ratings were actually pretty impressive at the little network that could, but the numbers have been declining ever since. However, TV Land doesn’t have a ton of original programming to fall back on, and it’s no surprise the network would want to continue to give its anchor show a shot, especially since the anchor show still does well over a million eyeballs an episode.

Despite the decline, Deadline is reporting that TV Land has signed on for a slew of season 5 episodes. Twenty-four episodes in total will be produced for the new season, which will bring the total episode count to 104. That’s a number that should be good enough for syndication should Hot in Cleveland not make it past Season 5. Additionally, the outlet is reporting that production will begin on new episodes this fall.

Even if Hot in Cleveland’s ratings are down, next year should prove to be a good year for the network. Cedric the Entertainer’s The Soul Man (a Hot in Cleveland spinoff) will return to the schedule this summer and Kirstie Alley’s new pilot, Kirstie’s New Show, is also going to series. It’ll be sitcom heaven over at TV Land in the coming months for anyone who is still digging the laugh track.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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