The Hound Craves Chicken In Jimmy Kimmel's Funny Game Of Thrones KFC Ad

(Game of Thrones Season 4, Ep. 1 vague spoilers ahead)...

When the Hound wants chicken, he gets chicken. In fact, he can have every f**king chicken in this room, according to Jimmy Kimmel's funny KFC ad, which ties footage from the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere with KFC footage, turning Sandor Clegane's threatening words to Polliver into a mouth-watering ad for chicken and side dishes. Someone's going to die for those chickens.

Bigger spoilers if you haven't seen last Sunday night's Game of Thrones already!

Via The Mary Sue, the "commercial" is intro'ed by Jimmy Kimmel, who credits the Season 4 premiere ratings to HBO's effective marketing strategy for Game of Thrones. The scene used for the commercial is actually a prelude to one of the more intense moments of the episode. Arya recognizes the man who took her sword and killed her friends. This eventually leads to her and the Hound following them and witnessing the men helping themselves to chicken and women (or woman, anyway). The Hound barely-reluctantly gets into it with Polliver and the rest of his guys as a brawl ensues. Not to be left out, Arya gets her vengeance. (The video contains adult language and violence):

Kimmel's ad gives a whole new meaning to "every f**king chicken in this room...

Chicken deal

I want to try the dragon grilled flavor.

It's been a good week for Game of Thrones. Not only did the series' fourth season debut to great ratings, but HBO also announced official renewals for Seasons 5 and 6. As exciting as it is to know that the series will definitely be around for two more seasons -- and probably at least a couple more after that -- we also have pretty much the entire fourth season to look forward to. Episode 2 airs this Sunday night. Check out the preview below:

And for those who missed the "Bring Down the King" big moment, here's the video that shows the fall of Joffrey's statue:

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