The House From Full House Is Up For Sale, Here's How Expensive It Is

If you are a Full House or Fuller House fan who currently lives in San Francisco or has always harbored dreams of living in the wildly expensive California town, a dream opportunity may have just fallen into your lap. This week, we learned the Fuller House abode is currently on the market. It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but what’s a spare chunk of change when you can leave in a famous home? That sucker home is currently listed for $4,150,000. If only that number were in rupees.

If you know anything about studio magic, and even if you don’t, you should be able to figure out that Fuller House isn’t actually shot in San Francisco in a compact house. (The original series was shot in Burbank). Instead, exterior shots were taken of the lower Pacific Heights building for the original series and then reused when Fuller House was picked up by Netflix. So, really, you’re just buying the home that stands in for the home on a famous sitcom. reports there's a lot of history behind the Fuller House home, which was built way back in 1883.

Then again, perhaps the Fuller House home is being sold because of the wild popularity of the brand new Netflix series. A neighbor living down the street recently spoke out about the “endless stream” of people who traipse through his neighborhood and parade around the Fuller House home, hoping to take pictures for their Instagram and other social media accounts. He also says people like to drive by and blast the theme song at full volume, which might have been moderately amusing the very first time it happened, but would most certainly get old fast. Everywhere you look, there will be unruly fans taking pictures of your home and knocking on your doorway.

Full House is a sitcom that has lived on in pop culture for quite some time, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. The problem has only gotten worse since Fuller House hit the schedule earlier this year. Since Fuller House has already been renewed for Season 2, it’s probably not going to be an issue that is abated anytime soon, either. We wonder if the sellers are being open about the house being the Full House home or if they were trying to slip that one under the radar. Even with a different coat of paint, it's hard to miss the home.

If you’d like to catch some exterior shots of the household straight from the original series, you most certainly can. All of Fuller House Season 1 is currently streaming and Season 2 has already started filming. While we wait, check out what we know about the new series.

Jessica Rawden
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