Why The Big Bang Theory Is Finally Letting Sheldon And Amy Have Sex

If The Big Bang Theory were on cable, the characters would presumably be having sex all the time. But if it was on cable, then it probably wouldn’t be one of the most watched shows on television. In any case, viewers are going to see something of a big bang later this month when Sheldon and Amy finally decide to have sex, and showrunner Steve Molaro explained why now is the best time for this big event to occur.

They've been together on and off for over five years and it just seemed to be a good way to ultimately resolve this journey they've been on, including this break-up as well. How long could we make this poor girl wait?! I liked that there was something unexpected about it. You could have easily made an episode like this be a season finale or something like that so why not pull the trigger when people think we may not. The stories lined up with Star Wars coming out. We were so excited about it and we felt it was time.

That’s as solid a reason as you can get. There aren’t a whole lot of couples that wait five years to head beneath the sheets together, and while this shaky-ground point in their relationship might not be the healthiest time for it to happen, perhaps it will be just the thing to get all the sparks back into their lovelife. It’s also great that the creative team didn’t wait to make this a season finale, as its place in a midseason finale feels important enough. Setting it up as a Season 9 capper would probably put a little too much pressure on it, and I can’t imagine their first time is going to be the smoothest and most romantic ordeal. They’ll need more episodes afterward to get things back to normal. Or to just lay in bed for weeks. Whichever.

Creator Chuck Lorre also told THR that the couple’s break-up has helped to make their relationship stronger, as it took being apart to get them to appreciate each other. The episode in question, “The Opening Night Excitation,” will feature another guest turn from Bob Newhart as the relationship guru of Sheldon’s dreams, so Sheldon’s heart is growing fonder both from absence, and from Bob Newhart. I think that’s how at least half of all real-life romances happen, too.

Now the big question becomes, will Sheldon go with the rest of the gang to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night, or will he skip out on this cinematic phenomenon in order to get busy with Amy? Considering their relationship was ended over The Flash, we’re hoping he makes the right decision here.

After its current break, The Big Bang Theory will come back to CBS on Thursday, December 10, and will return from its brief midseason hiatus on Thursday, January 7.

Nick Venable
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