How Emilia Clarke Feels About Getting Naked Again On Game Of Thrones

Spoilers from this season of Game of Thrones are in this article.

Few actresses in the history of television or movies have ever attracted as much attention for their nude scenes as Emilia Clarke. The Game Of Thrones star repeatedly took off her clothes during the early seasons of HBO’s hit show. Then, she abruptly stopped, leaving many fans with the impression that she may never disrobe again. Well, after tonight’s Game Of Thrones, we can definitely say she’s still brave enough and dedicated enough to go there, and apparently, she’s very proud of herself for that.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress told the outlet she opted not to use a body double like some other key cast members, and she feels great about her decision.

I’d like to remind people the last time I took my clothes off was season 3. That was awhile ago. It’s now season 6. But this is all me, all proud, all strong. I’m just feeling genuinely happy I said ‘Yes.’ There ain’t no body double!

Some of the ballyhooing around Emilia Clarke’s nude scenes actually came thanks to an interview the actress herself gave, in which she seemed to imply she was done taking her clothes off. She later clarified that she was fine with nude scenes if they were important to the plot, but most fans and observers assumed she’d probably just steer clear moving forward. Tonight’s episode saw her shed her clothing, however, for an incredibly plot-relevant moment, and fans will likely be talking about how epic it was for years to come.

The moment in question occurred during an extremely important meeting with the Khals. They were deciding whether or not to let Dany live her days out with the widows of the other deceased Khals, to sell her into slavery or to do far worse. Assumedly, they thought they were in control of the situation, but she proved them wrong. After unleashing an epic speech about how they would all follow her, she set the tent on fire, callously burning each and every one to death before emerging naked in front of a legion of Dothraki. They all bowed down to her, and now, with yet another army at her disposal, she seems poised to conquer whoever she wants.

We’ll see where Game Of Thrones decides to take Dany moving forward, but regardless of what happens with her or anyone else, Emilia Clarke’s epic nude scene tonight will go down as one of the brilliant show’s most shocking, incredible and downright brilliant moments.

And, of course, regardless of what happens, fans will always have Emilia Clarke and the other character's prior nude scenes to cherish forever. In fact, some kind souls have put together an epic supercut that contains many of the show's most famous nude scenes. You can watch it in its NSFW glory on the next page...

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