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For anyone who read this headline and immediately imagined that the population of Stars Hollow would make their final farewells to viewers in a large-scale Reservoir Dogs-style Mexican standoff that runs the streets red with viscera, you’re going to be disappointed. (Plus, we’re pretty sure Kirk is immortal anyway.) No, the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix is going to end in a much less gruesome way, and it’ll actually be the original ending that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has had in mind for years but was never able to utilize it.

For hardcore Gilmore Girls fanatics, and possible even the more curious of the casual fans, “the last four words” is a phrase of utmost importance. More than a decade ago, when the then-WB drama was still on solid ground, Sherman Palladino had it in her mind that the series would end in definitive fashion on four final words, a tidbit that made its way to public consciousness at some point. Only that piece of dialogue was never heard by audiences, as Sherman-Palladino and her writer/producer husband Dan Palladino vacated the show when The CW was formed, as agreements could not be made between both parties on a number of different issues. There’s a decent chance you don’t remember any four words from the totally lackluster Season 7.

Over the years, people have tried getting Amy Sherman-Palladino to cough up what those final four words would have been, but her lips have been sealed all this time. Last summer, before the revival was announced, questions about that planned ending came out anew. But now there’s no need to keep asking her, because we’re going to get to hear them on our televisions and other devices! (Here’s hoping “televisions and other devices” aren’t the four words in question.)

This reveal came from none other than actor Yanic Truesdale, who will be returning as the sassy and pompous concierge Michel. Here’s what Truesdale told US Magazine about it.
I know them because I read the script! I always felt it was intriguing, like everyone else. I was like, ‘How does she know the last four words?’ But when I read it, I was like, ‘Oh, okay. That makes sense.’ I can see now why she knew that would be said.

So if the ending has the seal of approval from Michel, it has to be good, right? Not that anything could keep us from being optimistic and jubilant about more Gilmore Girls in our future. With tons of returning cast members – a list that includes Rory’s ex-boyfriends but sadly not Melissa McCarthy – and loads of expectations for where these characters’ stories are headed, it’s not like four little words could ruin anything. But they could easily make it perfect.

Gilmore Girls currently doesn’t have a release date set, but you’ll be able to find it on Netflix possibly by the end of this year.

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