How Mike & Molly Fans Will Feel About The Finale, According To Billy Gardell

Tonight will see the return of the sixth and final season of the hit sitcom Mike & Molly, which hasn’t had a new episode on CBS since February 10. That means we’ll be watching the series finale in less than a month, and star Billy Gardell is getting audiences pumped up by saying that this is one of the best episodes of the entire series. Here’s what he said viewers can expect when the finale airs.

The Mike & Molly fans, who've been incredibly loyal, will be very, very pleased with the finale. There's beautiful closure. We were blessed in so many ways to have such a beautiful team through the whole thing -- cast, crew and writing.

Like the best CBS comedies, Mike & Molly has an emotional core that sometimes usurps the laughter for something that tugs on the heartstrings. The way Billy Gardell is talking, we might want to reinforce those strings before the finale, as he also told TV Guide that there were “a lot of watery eyes” among the cast and crew. And that crew included the iconic TV director James Burrows, who filmed the first two seasons, and his presence definitely added to the proceedings as well.

While Gardell wasn’t very specific in talking about what kind of beautiful closure will come to the sitcom’s titular couple, a quick look at the episode titles just might offer up some info. With titles like “The Adoption Option” and “I See Love,” it seems likely that the loving couple could end things with some very good news indeed about the possibility of adding to their family. I almost want to start tearing up just thinking about Melissa McCarthy’s face as Molly gets positive news regarding an adoption, but I’ll have to keep my emotions locked down for the moment, since we don’t actually know if that’ll happen or not.

It is indeed good to hear good things coming from the world of Mike & Molly, considering almost everything that was announced after Season 5 ended has been negative. For one, CBS decided to chop Season 6 down to 13 episodes, pushing it back into the midseason premiere slot instead of its usual fall debut. News of the show’s cancellation then came out – though CBS decided to wait ages before finally confirming it – with some blaming money and others blaming contractual arrangements for the show’s untimely downfall. The best part about the early cancellation was that the creative team could craft the series finale they really wanted, and Billy Gardell makes it sound like they used their time wisely.

Starting on Monday, May 2, Mike & Molly will air back-to-back episodes, with the finale episode airing on Monday, May 16.

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