How Melissa McCarthy Feels About Mike And Molly Getting Canceled

With some exceptions involving some truly awful shows, it’s never a great thing to hear about a TV series getting canceled. It was a bad weekend (relatively) for millions of Mike & Molly fans, as the news broke that CBS was cancelling the hit sitcom following its upcoming Season 6. And if you thought lead actress Melissa McCarthy was taking it a lot better than you, know that she isn’t. Here’s how she’s feeling about it.

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That’s about what we’d expect, especially from one-half of the show’s main duo. I can’t imagine that anyone involved with the sitcom heard about the somewhat sudden cancelation and said they fully expected it and that it made them happy as all hell. There’s no doubting that Mike & Molly took some ratings dips in the past two seasons, but the show still brings in an average of over 9 million viewers, which would be dream numbers for so many other non-CBS shows out there. Especially comedies.

McCarthy shared her thoughts on Twitter, which is the same place her co-star Billy Gardell seemingly announced the show’s cancelation almost two weeks ago, as seen below. Maybe everyone has just been in denial over it.

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We’re over here hoping that McCarthy’s “would have shot this show for 50 years” comment doesn’t just apply to Mike & Molly, but to all of her former projects. No one is expecting Samantha Who? to make a comeback anytime soon, but Gilmore Girls is definitely being brought back as a limited Netflix series. Work is already happening behind the scenes, and fans know that the front of the scenes won’t be the same without McCarthy’s Sookie St. James there. Perhaps she’ll have a little more free time now to make that happen.

Mike & Molly will return to CBS for its shortened Season 6 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016. Until then, we’ll be planning a way to keep Swoozie Kurtz in our lives on a weekly basis in the future.

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