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Howie Mandel And Mark Burnett To Produce Unscripted Shows On TBS

TBS is putting together two brand new unscipted series with fairly big names involved. The first upcoming program has America’s Got Talent’s Howie Mandel at the helm and the second has prolific producer Mark Burnett, who has his hands in producing pots as well-known as Survivor and Shark Tank. Both new unscripted shows are expected to premiere sometime in 2013.

The first series, Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host is actually a game show produced by Burnett, Will MacDonald, and David Granger. TBS has picked up the game show already for ten episodes, but the premise seems a little oddball, so we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a success on the network. Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host will pit two hosts against one contestant. After a question is asked, both hosts will offer a potential answer. Obviously, only one answer is correct and it will be up to the contestant to determine which host is the liar and which host is truthful. If the contestant can do so, he or she will move forward in the game, competing for cash.

Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host might seem a little strange, but it’s certainly more inventive than TBS’ other new program, Deal With It. This show will be produced by Mandel, Mike Marks, and Roy Bank and will follow random people who are tasked with pulling pranks on their friends or family members with zero time to prepare. Via an earpiece, the people will be told what to do and must obey, as per rules laid out at the beginning of an episode. The hidden camera prank thing has been done and done again, and I can’t imagine this one bringing in a huge turnout, but it sounds like it will be extremely cheap to produce. Regardless, it seems as if TBS has a little less faith in this one—sorry Howie—and has signed on for only six episodes. TV Blend will keep you posted when the two new unscripted programs get release dates.

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