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Hulu may be selling to Apple, Yahoo, or someone else soon, but the company is certainly in the market to make its service more of an investment. Today, Hulu has announced it will be presenting new original content. Since the big criticism when Hulu changed to subscriptions in 2010 was that most of the content with the service was available for free, adding original content should bode well for the service.

Hulu’s brand new show will be a documentary series called A Day in the Life, and sans its groan-worthy Beatles reference, the program sounds as if it could be interesting. A Day in the Life is acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s baby, and is currently set for six episodes in 2011. Spurlock will also be producing with partner Jeremy Chilnick through his production company, Warrior Poets.

Premiering August 17th, each episode of A Day in the Life will give audiences a window into a world the viewer normally wouldn’t get to see. Because of this the average Joes of our population will probably not be focused on, although, in an interview with Hulu, Spurlock says he would like to see fans of the series input their own ideas, later on. The first season of A Day in the Life will focus on Richard Branson, Girl Talk, will. i. am, and Russell Peters, among others.

You can check out the full interview, below.

New episodes of A Day in the Life will be available to Hulu subscribers each Wednesday.

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