got in on the April Fools fun today with a retro web design, giving us a chance to see what the site might have looked like back in 1996. They also included a ‘90’s version of their recap show The Morning After, which we have embedded here for you to view.

Hulu’s ‘90’s design comes complete with dial-up modem sound effects, a Geocities/Netscape logo, nods to some classic ‘90’s shows like The X-Files and My So Called Life and a frames layout that was, if I remember correctly, very web-chic for a brief period, despite all of the scrolling. The layout is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. It’ll take you back to a time when it probably would’ve taken a day and a half to download an episode of a TV show and that’s only if you could keep your modem connected that long.

Below is the Morning After episode that goes with the design and revisits ‘90’s TV and pop-culture.

I’m fairly sure “grody” is more of an ‘80’s term but the rest of it was pretty funny. Happy April Fools Day, Hulu!

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