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As the cable market becomes more and more segmented, streaming services have figured out different ways to entice users. Some of them are offering a slew of original programming. Some have enticed users with multiple services instead of simple TV streaming. And one, Hulu, is now looking to offer an alternative to cable not only through originals but through offering live TV programming, as well. If the deal goes through, Hulu would have a streaming TV service that would be competitive with cable packages.

First and foremost, Hulu is hoping to sign deals with companies like Fox and Disney to allow its subscribers to access live feeds of channels like ABC, The Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox, FX, Fox News and more. The news would help Hulu to separate itself from some of the other streaming entities like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix currently is spending a reported 6 billion to produce new originals for its audience while Prime has the added benefit of free shipping, along with access to music, book titles and other perks. Hulu currently has some originals, but a live cable service would put it into a different market altogether. Namely, it would start competing with Sling TV.

Sling TV currently has packages at $20 a pop offering 20-30 network channels. The service actually offers all of the aforementioned content that Hulu would be offering, along with A&E network channels, AMC and more. For an extra $5 bucks per month, subscribers can add on addition packages, which could include access to Spanish language channels, kids programming or sports extras. HBO and Cinemax can also be added on for a slightly higher price. Hulu would be a similar sort of product, but of course, it would be a little different. Subscribers would have the new cable streaming but also a slew of originals for streaming along with the other programming that the network currently has available, according to the Wall Street Journal. A cloud-based DVR service and On Demand platform would also be part of the new service, although it will come at a pretty penny compared to Sling TV.

Those users who want access to the live TV version of Hulu would no longer be paying the $7.99 or $11.99 per month fees that the subscription streaming service is currently offering. For the live TV package, Hulu hopes to rake in $40 a month from users. Although that seems like a lot more than Sling TV, it would also offer plenty of other pros, as listed in the paragraph above.

There are a ton of different TV options out there right now beyond even the options listed in the article. The consumer has to choose carefully between packages if they want to cover all of their bases. However, a lot of people have been clamoring for more options, and that's what they would be getting if the Hulu deals continues to move forward. We'll keep you updated either way. For now, you can check out what new TV is coming up with our TV premiere schedule.

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