Insane Breaking Bad Sequel Kickstarter Pits Val Kilmer And Slash Against Fugitives

Breaking Bad fanatics are still a ways away from going back into that universe for AMC’s prequel-ish dramedy Better Call Saul. Luckily, there’s another completely batshit Breaking Bad universe that you’re more than welcome to wallow around in for a while, assuming you can handle it. A guy named Larry Shepherd wants to make a sequel to the award-winning series called Anastasia, with Val Kilmer and guitarist Slash as two cops who catch criminals in the days after Walter White’s stronghold of New Mexico’s meth trade. Feel free to take a minute to catch your breath and understand that there are spoilers ahead.

How much of a sure thing is this series? Well, neither Kilmer nor Slash is officially involved – and I’d be willing to bet a month’s pay that neither of them have any idea that Anastasia exists – and the project has only raised $323 of its $500,000 goal, with only 15 days left in the campaign. In other words, it’s more likely that Kilmer and Slash will check your mail for you tomorrow morning.

But that doesn’t take away from Shepherd’s intentions, which were assumedly compiled from photographs of feces-strewn asylum walls. The series would open up with “Fearful Symmetry,” in which Kilmer and Slash’s elite U.S. Marshals would arrive to pick up Walt’s body, only they might not know if he’s alive or not. Admittedly, I may not understand where Shepherd is going with this.

“Val Kilmer will decide and create the quirkiness that his character, Donovan Baker, has,” according to the Kickstarter page. Donovan Baker will be a recovering substance abuser, and Shepherd wants to put his 12-step meetings into the show itself, and even puts out an open call to Hollywood thesps who have had problems with alcohol and narcotics in the past, including “Russell Brand, Jamie Lee Curtis, Steven Tyler, Dick Van Dyke, Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr., Robin Williams, Neil Young, Eminem, on and on.” And don’t expect the guest stars to just come right out and be an obvious guest star.

These will be guest appearances on separate episodes, and the star would be told that all the dialogue they use will be completely created by them. Some guest stars will be in full make up/prosthetics throughout the show, and we will only reveal who they are at the end! Think of ‘The List of Adrian Messenger’ movie. When they appear in the intro, the tag line will say: Guest Starring? They of course are fugitives that Kilmer and Slash are chasing, who have had plastic surgery!

What’s more, he wants it to air just before Halloween and aims to employ former veterans to play the police officers in the show. He claims all ten of the series’ first season scripts are complete, and even offers up a portion of the pilot. He also wants Jana Mashonee to get involved and make music with Slash, who would serve as the music supervisor for the series.

Check out the campaign’s promo video below, and just try to go the rest of the day without creating your own equally bonkers Kickstarter campaign.

We’re all in agreement that this series ABSOLUTELY needs to get made, correct? Even if Slash gets replaced by Lemmy and they have to totally scrap all the Breaking Bad references due to legal issues. Any way it goes, it’s better than potato salad. For more on this baffling series of desires, check out the interview Shepherd had with VIce.

Nick Venable
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